Using Dermalogica’s innovative skin care range and, or advanced technology from CACI and Bio-Theraputic for powerful results whatever your skin care needs.


Every Dermalogica skin treatment is unique to you – your treatment will be perfectly tailored to suit you and your skin. 

Advanced Pro-Skin 60 Treatment £65.00

The ultimate treatment. All the benefits of the pro-skin 60 and with the addition of customised electrical technology, to power up your treatment. 


Pro-Skin 60 Treatment £52.00

A bespoke 60-minute treatment in the hands of our skin therapist, to exfoliate, soothe, revitalise and nourish, targeting your skin concerns to get your skin glowing.  


Pro-Skin 30 Treatment £38.00

A high impact skin treatment in 30 minutes. Target specific skin concerns to get great results in a shorter time. Can include electrical technology. 


Skin Solver + £27.50

An express skin solver treatment is the perfect 15-min skin boost with personally tailored skincare advice and product recommendations.  


Skin Fitness Plan (no charge)

We want your Dermalogica skincare products to be as effective as possible. Designed to carefully analyse your skin and prescribe the perfect home-care routine to fit with your lifestyle and skincare goals. 


Skin Fit Lesson £25 booking fee, redeemable on purchases

Guided by our experts. We’ll take you through a skin fit plan, select the perfect products for you, and then show you exactly how to use them for the best possible results.  


For powerful skin care treatments without surgery botox or dermal fillers. We use the CACI Ultimate, a truly versatile system that offers real flexibility to create a skincare programme just for you.


Introducing professional technology from Bio-Therapeutic. Including bt-sonic, bt-micro and bt-accent LED light therapy. Can be introduced as additions to your Dermalogica or CACI treatments or as stand-alone treatments.


For more information, advice and recommendations for advanced skin treatments, give us a call on 0131 663 2221 to speak with a skin therapist.

CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial £78.00

Course of six recommended £425.00  

The ultimate CACI treatment combines, micro-dermabrasion, CACI micro current muscle toning, wrinkle comb, and hydro mask. 


CACI Non -Surgical Face Lift £62.00

Course of ten recommended £560.00 

Uses micro current to gently stimulate and ‘retain’ the facial muscles giving you a non-surgical face lift and leaving your skin toned and visibly lifted. 


CACI Eye Revive Treatment £50.00

Course of ten recommended £450.00 

Fabulous results for tired, puffy eyes. Uses micro current to lift and tone, hydro eye mask, and lymphatic drainage for brighter refreshed eyes. 


CACI Microdermabrasion £50.00

Course of six recommended £260.00

For a deeper exfoliation, uses an abrasive head to remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving you with softer skin. Helps refine fine lines and reduce the appearance of scar tissue and blemishes.


CACI Hydrotone Mask Treatment £50.00

An effective hydrating treatment which uses a nourishing gel mask along with micro current rollers to help the mask penetrate deeper into the skin. 


Add on Hydro Mask, Eye Revive or Jowl lift (can be added to any skin treatment) £16.00


Bt-accent LED Light Therapy Treatment £50.00

LED works with different colours of light which reach different levels of the skin, creating ATP synthesis, stimulating blood circulation and normalising the skin cells. Red light for regenerating and rejuvenating, blue light for calming and healing.


Add on Bt-accent LED Light Therapy (can be added to any skin treatment) £16.00    


 Treatments perfectly tailored to suit you

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